The Details – Venue, Party, Accommodations

So. A wedding. Maybe you aren’t a huge fan of weddings. Or maybe you are. But for most people, they’re long. They’re boring. The food is hoity-toity and not filling. The music is generally terrible. There’s far too much structure. We get that. We feel that way, too. We have some super good news for you! The usual thing isn’t our style, and we’ve set out to make this an amazing, atypical experience for everyone involved! After all, we are as atypical as they come. See?


The ceremony will be secular as well as short and sweet. We will feed you food that tastes like food, because we want to eat it, too. We aren’t exactly Top-40 listeners, so you shall suffer no Justin Bieber, and no Chicken Dance if we can help it. And we can. If you’re arriving with singles hoping to take part in the Dollar Dance, we are sorry to disappoint you! That, too, will be absent from this shindig!

The Venue

258 Summit Avenue , Pocono Summit, PA 18346


This is a sweet little AirBNB cottage in the Poconos. There is a kitchen, a bathroom, and there are several bedrooms. Please speak with us if you wish to stay on-site. This is on a first-come, first-served basis.

That said, this is not OUR home – we are expected to keep the property as clean and beautiful as it will be upon our arrival, so we hope that everyone can keep that in mind!

The ceremony and party will be taking place *OUTSIDE* beginning at 2:00 PM on the 5th of August. We would hope that all of our guests have arrived by 1:30 at the very latest, so that they may be seated and festivities can begin! We ask that the festivities remain outdoors for the duration of the wedding, with the exception of using the restroom and requirements for the refrigerator or kitchen facilities.

The Fare

If you have dietary restrictions, we ask that you are extremely clear when you fill out the Google survey for your RSVP! We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs. If for some reason we cannot, we will let you know ahead of time and make arrangements for your health and comfort.

Cocktail hour and dinner will be delicious and filling, but *CASUAL*!!! It will be buffet-style, and our guests will serve themselves any and all of the foods that they want. Let it never be said that a Burkett or Nelson didn’t properly feed their family and friends!



There will not be an open bar, per se. As in, there will be no bartender. Beer and wine will be served (with the possibility of us adding an option for you to make your own mixed alcoholic drinks). Non-alcoholic beverages will be available – soda, juice, water, etc. We ask that if you plan to drink alcohol at our wedding, that you PLEASE do so responsibly! We will be asking for the keys of any driver who appears visibly intoxicated. This is not negotiable. We love you and want you to get home safely! If you are bringing children to our wedding (and all of them are welcome!!), please keep an eye on what they are consuming. We are not responsible for any repercussions of underage drinking at this party, as we expect a parent or guardian to be mindful of them at all times!

The Fanfare 

This is an outdoor affair. We will provide as much sunscreen and bug spray as we possibly can in various places! This venue is on the water, so we do not expect it to be a critter-free event. Bring a sweater, because although it is August, the nights can get chilly.

Seating arrangements will not be assigned. We really hate that kind of thing, and we feel you should be permitted to sit wherever and with whomever you want! That said, if you feel there is someone you should not be placed next to, please discreetly let one of us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. We anticipate all of our guests getting along together famously, and we hope that will continue to be the case!

We will have several lawn games for your enjoyment – Bocce Ball is on the list, and several others are in the works. If you don’t know how to play, there will be someone THRILLED to teach you, we are sure!

When does this thing end? That depends on several factors. How tired we are, how tired you are, and how loud we all get. There is a quiet ordinance in the town sometime after 10:00 PM, and we will need to respect that so that the police don’t come and ruin our fun!


Unless you are a part of the wedding party or are immediate family to the bride or groom, we would hope that you arrive and dress as comfortably as you like. This is an outdoor affair in August. That isn’t ideal for many of us, and no one wants to be hot and sticky! That said, please use personal discretion. We love and respect all of you and doubt that anyone would ever arrive with torn, soiled, political, obscene, or racist clothing, but we would ask that you don’t. Be comfortable, but please be respectful and mindful of fellow guests. Those of you joining us come from all walks of life, systems of belief, and cultural backgrounds, and there will be children in attendance.

Hotel Accommodations

This is a work in progress – we are going to set up a block of hotel rooms somewhere near the venue as soon as we can, once we get a better idea of how many guests will need somewhere to stay! If you will be traveling from far enough away to need a hotel room, please let us know ASAP!


Several folks have asked us this, and it’s just not something we are doing at this time. We met as a couple of 30-something old farts, each of us with a gigantic collection of housewares, utensils, and appliances. We even have two Kitchen Aid stand mixers! Power couple if you’ve ever seen one, right?! We are happiest with your presence, over your presents!

Questions, Comments, Anything We Left Out? 

Most of you know how to find us on a daily basis, but if you have any concerns or suggestions, please drop us an e-mail at We’d be thrilled to hear from you!

Thank You!

This party wouldn’t be possible without those we cherish in our lives. So thank you for your attendance, and even your heartfelt regrets. We would love to see all of you there, and we understand if you absolutely cannot.